Ava provides data powered smart healthcare enabling populations to measure, track and learn about their health and wellbeing.

Ava kiosks are powered by advanced algorithms designed to generate a personalised health score which indicates your risk of developing cardiovascular disease or diabetes in the next 10 years, cross-referencing 1000s of medical publications and data points that follow the same technology used in the NHS.

AVA is a healthcare network helping the people to be fit and healthier. AVA allows and encourages its users to keep a track of their health data via simple and convenient health stations. These health stations are currently running in thousands of pharmacies all over the nation.

We are here to ease the interactions and engagements between the users and the health-care organizations to measure the individual’s record of health-data and providing solutions. AVA aims at making you smarter, healthier, and happier.

Your Health is Our Piority.

AVA is committed to keep up risk-analysis companies to know and reach people to cater their health issues better. It is helping a hundred of organizations to reach their health goals. It strives to convey superior care 24/7 with budget.

Ava for Business.

It All Starts with Consumer Engagement

AVA stations with their advertising module and free health measurable gives all types of organisations the ability to engage with their consumers,especially health insurance companies.

We expect over time to engage over a million AVA checks per week, that means you can by working with Hello Doctor engage with consumers across Pakistan around 350 million times a year.


Connect and activate the consumers digitally.


Identify rising risk consumers and prioritize care delivery to those with the highest needs.


Connect targeted consumers with resources to monitor progress and take desired actions that close gaps in care.

We provide you with the complete package of Care.

Consumers can find our stations at their local grocery store, pharmacy or club store.

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Ava : improving Delivery of Care

We offer the complete wellness package through Ava, connecting individuals from every walk of life with experts in the field of health and fitness, thus helping improve population health initiatives.


Enhance risk stratification, reduce absenteeism and create a sense of employee satisfaction by offering your employees with real-time basic health profiles at work. Improve employee health management and increase prodcutivity at work. Help increase revenue and marketing strategies, and lower health expenditures of employees

Pharmaceutical companies & Pharmacies

We allow pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies to engage with patients by using digital engagement to improve sales and health outcomes. Ava in pharmacies increase customer loyalty- now your customers can have a health check up when they visit the pharmacy, connect to a doctor and purchase their medication.


With over 5 billion people in the world using mobile devices, every person has the right to quality healthcare. With Ava, telcos can now increase customer loyalty and develop new channels of business. Telcos and Ava can collect rich data sets which may help them to target customers better


Ava allows retailers to add convenience to their customer experience by providing Ava health checks. Ava with its display screens also provides unparalleled marketing advantage for brands.


Now at the gyms users can track their progress by measuring real time data. Gym users can now manage their health and training better with Ava and connect to nutritionist or a doctor on Ava to improve their diet with their Health Score.

Healthcare providers

Ava allows healthcare providers to connect with the population in rural areas by linking them to services in the cities. Ava helos to reduce the burden on primary care and emergency centres in hospitals by helping screening of non emergency cases. Ava provides a cheaper and efficient health check for ambulatory patients

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