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Join Ava from your local Ava station by signing up for free through your mobile number. Download the Ava app from Play store or App store and create your free account, that enables you to learn about your health, track and save your data. Ava guides you through your journey and connects you to the right experts that you need at the right time for a healthier and better life.

Be Proactive

Know your numbers and take charge of your health by using Ava screening tools. We allow you to measure your vitals and generate a personalised Ava Health Score which helps in preventive medicine through assessing risk factors. Our team of doctors and fitness trainers devise a personalised plan to allow you to reach your health goals and manage your health better. We help you take the right action.

Integrated care

Ava brings together all the major players in the healthcare industry. Ava links the public with doctors, fitness trainers, diagnostics and pharmacies. This leads to a greater level of engagement and establishment of healthcare networks in which doctors, gyms, pharmacies, schools, businesses, health insurers and local authorities are involved



Ava is your personal health companion: you can find Ava in your local grocery stores, pharmacies, gyms and more.


Using Ava takes 5 minutes. Our easy to follow on-screen guide walks you through the steps needed to check your vitals, results and your Ava Health Score. Using Ava is easy and simple, Ava also speaks your language and is wheelchair accessible. You can track and see your results with the Ava app or by logging into your Ava account on the machine.


Ava health kiosks are FDA approved and rigorously tested in our warehouses by our technicians and engineers before they are installed. We assure you that your results and Health Score are accurate. Before a kiosk is placed in any location it is tested and cleared from all touch points.


We take the privacy and confidentiality of our users very seriously and work hard to protect all data. Ava health kiosks and data storage system is HIPAA compliant and follow all the healthcare security standards. At Ava we strive for excellence and ensure data protection standards are met at all levels.

The 3 AVA Steps to Measure What Matters and Be Pro-active.

Step 1.

Signup to AVA and use your free AVA Account to learn about your health, track your results and gain the information that you need to live a healthier life.

Step 2.

Find out if you are at risk for common conditions by using AVA screening tools. We will help you understand what your results mean and offer the correct advise you can take to make a difference in your health.

Step 3.

Whatever the next steps may be Ava is here to help you by connecting you with certified doctors, fitness experts and mental health counsellors. Ava products and services are catered to your health goals and our team provides you with the best personalised plan that sets you on the path for improved well-being.

Be on Top of Your Health.

Ava empowers you to assess your risk and take control of your health.

Ava kiosk is committed to helping you live a healthier and safer life. Ava kiosk is installed in public places such as malls, gyms or workplaces.

Ava kiosks are powered by advanced algorithms designed to generate a personalised health score which indicates your risk of developing cardiovascular disease or diabetes in the next 10 years, cross-referencing 1000s of medical publications and data points that follow the same technology used in the NHS.

Measure what matters.

Track your blood pressure, pulse, weight, oxygen levels, height and BMI at various Ava kiosks scattered nationwide.
You can also easily keep track of your biometrics, health score and activity online or on the Ava mobile app. With Ava on the go, you can keep track and access your numbers anywhere.

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Ava in your neighbourhood

Now you can easily visit your nearest AVA kiosk and find your health score. Keep on top of your health and measure your vitals at your nearest pharmacy or shopping mall. Going to the mall for some retail therapy? Then get your Ava health checkup on the go.

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Access Your Risk & Health Score.

Take risk tests and connect to Ava handpicked special resources and services based on your needs. Once you know your risk, you can take the next steps to become healthier.


Test your Risk for chronic diseases

Cross referencing 100s and 1000s of data points and medical publications our AI follows the same technology as used in the NHS. 

Using state of the art technology you can now assess your risk of developing Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and type 2 diabetes. We provide you with a Health Score which determines your risk of a heart attack or stroke. Our doctors then provide you with a personalised plan followed by NICE guidelines to take the next steps that are right for your health. 

Find us at your local grocery store, pharmacy or club store

Your Ava Health Kiosks are conveniently located where you already shop.

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